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Sabbath Afternoon Nature Nerd

It's been our custom for as long as I can remember. My family and I would go out to a park, nature preserve, lake, river, trail, and we would spend the afternoon, in nature, discovering things God made, and learning how to enjoy, protect and use them. I grew up in Connecticut half of my childhood and the other half in Arizona, two very different ecosystems. Later, when I was married, my husband and I lived in the mountains of California and the rainforests of Washington. Now, we are in the Piedmont Valley of Virginia. Everywhere I have lived, I have enjoyed discovering what is unique about each ecosystem, what things are common and how to enjoy them in my life. Being on the East Coast once again, I am finding so many childhood favorites, but I'm far enough South that I'm constantly challenged to discover new plants and insects. I will be sharing my discoveries here on my blog, each Sabbath, and where I have been exploring. I will try to include a little information that I have learned about the flora and fauna, so that you can grow your knowledge, but I will also share what this new knowledge has taught me about my Creator. Whether or not you're a believer I hope that you will find the information useful and enjoyable.


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