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Image by Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández


and I live in the middle of nowhere

Countless bloggers before me have shared something.  Something with the world, something with me.  I have been blessed by devotional thoughts, craft projects, information, personal testimonies, pictures of projects and life hacks that were shared with me by bloggers.  I have experienced a few flops and fewer successes and would like to just share what worked and what didn't with a community that may or may not need it. So like and share what you will, and hopefully some of the things posted here will make your life a little more.

I am a nature nerd, and I constantly take pictures of it, try to learn a little about it, and figure out where God's fingerprints were left when it was created by Him for me.  

I love teaching, whether it is my own home school, or youth from Pathfinders, Sabbath school, etc, I love giving them some random knowledge with a little dose of joy.  

I love gardening, photography, repurposing stuff, history, organizing and minimizing stuff, camping, canning, hiking, traveling, learning survival skills, knapping (and napping too), hacking recipes (so I can cook something amazing at home for a fifth of the price), collecting (shells, rocks, pressed flowers, fossils, souvenirs, sand...this works against my minimizing), planning educational trips, and Bible journaling.

I love Jesus.  No apologies, I may be a fool, but He's real to me and I'm better because He does something in me that I can't do for myself.

And I like to share, so here I am.

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