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Reforming Halloween in My Home, pt. 7

Gutenberg's Press & Scroll Activity

This activity is to help explain the great treasure of the printed Word. At the table I have a big roll of paper, ink, rubber bands and alphabet stamps. The kids band together words and press them into the ink pad. On the other side of the table I have an inkwell and feather quills. In the middle I place a Bible verse that is our theme for that year. Usually something of Paul's around the subject of grace. I try to get a verse long enough to make it tedious to quill write and short enough for them to put to memory because at the Bible Verse Station they will have to repeat it from memory to get a treat.

The kids love this table and can get stuck here. I have had to encourage a few to move on to other activities so others can try. I would recommend little scrolls for each child to use. It saves me time and mess to have a box of pre-made scrolls available for them to grab. I found some with little gold rings on Amazon. Here's the link: I don't make any money from affiliates, I just want to save you some time.

One year we made our ink from walnut husks, but it has become much quicker and easier to find ink online.

I have always made our feather quills out of chicken or turkey feathers we had on our ranch, but since our move to VA we have lots of historical gift shops in which I have found quill & ink sets. If you are local to VA, Patrick Henry's Red Hill has a great Homeschool Days program and feather & quill sets in the gift shop. But I've gotten off track...

The alphabet stamps are available in school supply stores. I bought a set like this on Amazon: but it is very difficult to put them away in the case. They are a perfect size for making into a printing jig.

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