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Medicine Soup Recipe

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

My family loves this dish because the aroma takes over the house when I prepare it and it brings comfort any day of the year. I tried a can of Amy's brand Golden Lentil soup and fell in love with the flavor, but the thing was that it was hard to find in my local stores, and cost $4 for a can of it. Hardly something I could feed my growing family and their constant hunger. So I determined in my mind to make it myself. How hard could it be?

I may not have replicated Amy's soup exactly, but I do think that I've created something that my people look forward to eating for dinner and is healthy. We even sold it at a fundraiser for my children's Pathfinder club and it was a hit. This recipe is vegan, grain free, full of plant-based protein and has the healing powers of several anti-inflammatory herbs and spices. Garlic is anti-everything; antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal, but oh my goodness, I love garlic in my cooking! Ginger in also an anti-inflammatory, as is Turmeric. There are many health benefits to these ingredients, but I'm not a dietician or health coach, you can Google them for yourself and figure it out.

So that is why my family, even though Golden Lentil Soup, or Curried Lentil Soup sounds so much tastier, has called it Medicine Soup for years now. I always make up a big batch when people are feeling sick at home, and it has become synonymous with Mom and comfort.

The carrots, while I'm sure are healthy in some way, I added for sweetening, as turmeric and cumin can be a little bitter and my peoples' stomachs are super sensitive. It also adds a nice texture and color to what otherwise is a little monochromatic. I like to sprinkle some fresh cilantro on the top when I serve it to add a splash of color and fresh flavor.

Enjoy and please leave me a comment to let me know how you liked it.

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