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Mao Duo - Chinese Edamame Snack

We went to the Portland Classical Chinese Gardens when my kids were tiny and they had this wonderful snack my kids loved in the garden cafe. It was salty, savory and delightful to snack on with a cup of tea. I went home and decided I had to have the recipe, but alas my web searches were in vain, so I started experimenting until I think I found something wonderful. My family loves it anyways, and it is very easy to eat. It can be served hot or cold and is quick to fix up for a snack or a side dish.

Don't eat the pod, it'll give you a tummy ache. Just pop the bean out of the pod and throw the pod away. The pod is not good for your pets to eat either.

8 oz. pkg. Edamame, frozen

1 T Garlic Granules

1 t Chinese 5 Spice Blend

2 T Liquid Aminos

2 T Water

2 T Goji Berries

0.5 t Black Sesame Seeds

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