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Updated: May 1, 2021

We discovered this garden in December, when all the plants were dormant, and even then we were impressed at how beautiful a place it was to spend and afternoon. I couldn't wait to come back in the Spring and see it in bloom and April 17th was the perfect time because all of the Azaleas were in their full glory!

E is posing with a Southern Indian Azalea, which caused many in my family to argue whether it was red or pink. You can decide, I'm already convicted of it's true color. ;). E loves the garden and sings and dances the whole time we are there. She loves to exclaim her joy at some beauty she has discovered at an interval of about 45 seconds apart, lol.

My kids are drawn to this fountain/koi pond, located right next to the Bible story cloister from Spain. This garden has provided us with much needed outdoor time during the COVID-19 shut downs and my children love to run and play a game I call "Can You Find Mom?"

Critter is always catching the critters. He caught this beautiful Bullfrog in the Koi pond.

Dogwood are some of my favorite Spring flowers! They seem to illuminate the forests when the sunlight hits them. It's like God's forest daytime twinkle lights! It delights me!

According to the Legend of the Dogwood Tree, the tree used to grow around Jerusalem at the time of Christ, but it was a very large tree which was sturdy and used for building. It just so happened that the Dogwood was used to build the cross of Christ and because of this it bore both the blessing and the curse of God. It was cursed to never grow strong and big again, it would forever have branches that grew crooked so as not to provide usable lumber. The blessing it received was that it would forever bear the marks of the cross to remind people of Christ each year when it bloomed at Easter. The center resembles the crown of thorns, the 4 petals have the marks from the nails in His hands and feet. The petals are arranged in the shape of our Savior's cross.

I learned that this is an important species of trees in the forest because it helps provide food and habitat for birds. Birds are drawn to the fruits and they in turn spread the seeds throughout the forest. Which explains to me the rather even distribution you see in the forests. Birds such as; robins, waxwings, magpies, grosbeaks and titmice and so many more, are attracted to this tree. I also learned that warblers and tanagers actually like to eat the flowers! It is very adaptable to different soils and can grow in zones 5-9. It puts out a brilliant-colored fruit in the fall and has beautiful colored leaves in the fall as well. I will post new pictures this autumn as a follow up.

A beautiful pathway looking from the cloister uphill to the street outside the garden gate. If you are in Chase City Virginia, and you have some time to be wowed, I really recommend visiting MacCallum More Museum and Gardens. Their entrance fee is: $5/adult, $2/children (6-12) and their hours are: M-F 10-5, weekends they are self-guided and the museum, gift shop, and facilities are closed. There are some lovely picnic spots and plenty of benches for resting and soaking up the peace. Visit their website at I am a member, but do not receive anything from the garden for my review, it's simply a place where I bliss out.

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