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Injecting God's Word in Their Hearts

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

I've had many ups and downs with Bible memorization personally and as a home educator. I believe it is important, foundational to a quality education, but as with many areas of my life, I've struggled to consistently apply it to our school program. I have tried copy work, blech! I've tried flash cards (my least favorite way to educate), and memory palaces, etc. We have incorporated Pathfinder Bible Experience into our school year, although it rarely matched up to our curriculum. All of these were good. But this year I found what has worked best...for our family...this year.

In our explorations of the new world into which we recently moved, I wandered into a Books-A-Million store. I found these beautiful and sturdy ABC Bible Verse Cards that have gold leaf on the edges, complete with a mini easel for displaying on my mantel.

The aesthetics please me, it feels like a I've adorned my mantel with a little gem. They are big enough that I don't lose them (like I did last year's flash cards), and they are sturdy enough that they can handle some use without looking terrible after a week.

Here is the link to the BAM site where you can buy these cards for $15.99

If you've found a great way to incorporate Bible memorization into your home school please leave me a comment and share.

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