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Healthy Homemade Fast Food

While we were moving and living out of hotel rooms, I learned a couple of meals that were quick and easy, and healthier than take out.

We moved across the country, during the pandemic, so I thought it would be best if we limited contact in little ways, one of which was to prepare some of our own meals. There is only so long you can live on fast food anyhow, and for me it's about a meal or two. It just makes you feel yuck! We have an odd variety of food allergies, so take out is even more challenging. It's just so much easier to make our own food, but cooking for 6 in a hotel room is...challenging. Here is a breakfast item that was a favorite among the peoples.

I bought a large container of Naked Mighty Mango Smoothie and some fresh blueberries. They both fit into a small hotel fridge nicely. We combined it with some bagels and cream cheese and had a much better breakfast than the "free" one provided by the hotel.

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